Natural Treatment and Remedies for Bladder Infection

For women it will be painful in living with urinary tract infection, which is caused due to a bacterial infection in the bladder. This condition arises because of germs or bacteria, which enters through urethra and travel into bladder.

Factors responsible for increasing the risk of bladder infection in women:

  • Advanced age and diabetes
  • Surgery in urinary tract
  • Abnormalities in urinary tract
  • Narrowed urethra
  • Bowel issues

Symptoms of Bladder infection:

  • Witnessing cloudy or bloody urine
  • Urine with foul smell
  • Presence of low fever
  • Feeling pain and burning sensation while urinating
  • Pain or cramping effect in lower abdomen of back

Have a look at natural remedies and treatment for bladder infection:

Drink plenty of Water:

Drinking water helps in flushing away the harmful bacteria that will put you in the right track for a faster recovery. Always aim for drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water; thus one should drink up to 80 ounces of water a day.

Intake Loads of Vitamin C:

Consuming fruits and vegetables loaded with vitamin C will help in making your urine more acidic, which will help in eliminating the bacteria in urinary tract. For sure you are going to have an active and healthy urinary tract by taking good amount of vitamin c supplements.

Regularly Eat Yogurt:

Yogurt contains good bacteria- probiotics, which helps in keeping away bad bacteria from the urinary tract. You will find consuming yogurt is effective in making a good contribution to heal your bladder infection to a certain level.

Sip Cranberry Juice:

Cranberry juice has a combination of acidic substances in the juice, which makes it harder for the fimbria (hair-like bacteria- found clinging onto the lining of the urethra) to stick that results in lowering chances of infection. Sipping cranberry juice is effective for women, who have had UTI’s before or suffering with re-occurring bladder infections. Remember always to drink a decent amount of cranberry juice to get best effects.

Use Baking Soda:

You will effectively get rid of a painful burning urination due to a bladder infection, by drinking a glass of water mixed with half of a teaspoon of baking soda. This will help in giving you relief from the burning and painful sensation while urinating.

Apply heat to soothe the Pain:

Inflammation and irritation can cause burning, pressure and pain around the pubic area; this can be brought in control to an extent by applying a heating pad. Remember to apply heat by keeping in mind the body part’s sensitivity; this will help in avoiding skin burns while giving relief from a painful burning sensation.

Opt for a Natural Antibiotic:

At, you will find useful information about natural antibiotic, which is considered to be an effective and natural bladder infection treatment. Our natural antibiotic is formulated with care by a master formulator and manufactured according to highest standards.


3 Smart Treatment Options for Bladder Infection

Urinary tract infection or bladder infection is a type of infection which offers major impact on any part of urinary system; from the kidneys, the urethra to the bladder. This infectious disorder is defined as the mere presence of microorganisms in urinary system. If the bacteria affects the kidneys; it is known as Pyelonephritis; in bladder it’s Cystitis whereas in Urethra it’s Urethritis. If you are suffering from urinary tract infection, it’s essential to get bladder infection treatment right away. If you will delay the treatment; then the microbial activity might be reached at the upper tract and can lead to more serious problems to your kidneys. Due to its high incidence, obtaining reliable resources for treating bladder infection is very easy. You can get it from browsing though internet or ask your family physician about it. Let’s take a glimpse on below discussed points to say goodbye to your urinary tract infection disorder.

Proper Diet

While considering bladder infection treatment; you should pay attention to your diet plan. To avoid the infection from your urinary bladder; then watch properly what are eating every day. It is advisable to stay away from salty, preserved as well as processed foods. Apart from regular drinking water; you should increase the intake of fruit juice. As the acid present in the fruit content will increase the acidic ph of your urine, so it will become less conducive for bacterial growth.


Your careless not only increases the development of cardiovascular diseases but also increases urinary tract infection. If you want to commence your UTI treatments, then you need to avoid drinking of alcoholic beverages and coffee. More importantly; cut the smoking habits from your routine activity.


In most of the cases, bacteria are the major reason for causing bladder infection. After diagnosing properly, your physician will be able to identify the causative agent responsible for your condition. Most of the medical practitioners prescribe high power antibiotics to deal with specific group of microorganisms. However, most of instances it is advisable to go for herbal and natural medicines instead of antibiotics. Uribiotic Formula among all herbal medicines offers improved results to keep the bladder health in tip-top condition. Apart from conventional treatment options, it has turned out to be a safe and effective approach for bladder infection treatment at Full of Health. So far; numerous people have achieved immense improvement in their urinary health by the intake of our 100% natural Uribiotic Formula.

After knowing above treatment alternatives; curing UTI is very simple. You just need to modify your lifestyle, diet and intake of our natural medication regularly; after that you will be completely out of these irritation problems. With the natural and side-effect free bladder infection medication; you can live a healthy life like earlier.

Natural Treatments for Bladder Infection

As confirmed by millions of women around the world, urinary tract infection (UTI) can be a long, painful and frustrating battle, accompanied by endless rounds of prescription antibiotics.

Bladder Infection Risk Factors

  • Advanced age
  • Diabetes
  • Surgery
  • Urinary tract abnormalities
  • Narrow urethra
  • Bowel problems

Symptoms of Bladder Infection

  • Cloudy and/or bloody urine
  • Foul smell of urine
  • Fever
  • Pain and burning sensation while urinating
  • Back pain

Natural Remedies & Treatments for UTIs

  1. Drinking Plenty of Pure Water

It helps to flush the harmful bacteria out. Not drinking enough water – an essential, vital nutrient – can increase the risk of urinary tract infections. Dark-yellow urine and/or infrequent urination are some of the symptoms of dehydration. Adult women should consume around six to eight (6-8) cups of fluids or beverages each day.

  1. Taking Vitamin C

Eating fruits and vegetables loaded with vitamin C helps to acidify urine and, therefore, eliminate pathogenic bacteria from the urinary tract. Also, taking vitamin c supplement can be of great help here.

  • Eating Yogurt

Yogurt contains naturally occurring probiotics which are very important in keeping bad bacteria away from the urinary tract.

  1. Sipping Cranberry Juice

Cranberries have a combination of acidic substances, among others, which prevent the fimbria (hair-like bacteria) from clinging onto the bladder and urethral lining.

  1. Using Baking Soda

Drinking a glass of water mixed with half of a teaspoon of baking soda has been found helpful in reducing the burning sensation while urinating.

  1. Applying Heating Pads

Burning and pain can be reduced by applying a heating pad over the pubic area. Be cautious to avoid skin burns.

  • Using Natural Antibiotics

Thousands of bladder infection sufferers around the world have proven the efficacy of the natural approach to this painful and debilitating problem. Also, they are a living example of preventing, remedying and overcoming urinary tract infections without multiple rounds of prescription medications. More in-depth information on an effective and natural bladder infection treatment can be found at:


Important Facts to Know About Bladder Infection

What Is Bladder Infection

Well, bladder infection is commonly known as cystitis or the bladder inflammation. This disease usually occurs in women; but rarely in case of men. In fact, more than half of all women gets a bladder infection at least once in their whole lifetime. But, the chance of getting a bladder infection in man increases along with their age; it’s due to the enhancement of their prostate size. In elderly people, bladder infections are quite difficult to diagnose.

In fact, a bladder infection may not offer any severe outcome; if it’s treated immediately. But the infections can come back in some people. Even, it can lead to kidney infections; which are quite serious disease and may result a permanent damage of the kidney. So, it’s very important to treat the causes of a bladder infection and even take some preventive steps to keep them away from coming back.

What Causes Bladder Infection

Like all other fluids in the body, urine is sterile. If bacteria are present in the urine, then they may cause bladder infection and other forms of urinary tract infection. However, the most common path for the bacteria to access the urinary system from outside is through the urethra.

How Bacteria Can Enter Into A Human Body

  • Bacteria can enter from the rectum or the vagina towards the urethra to reach the urinary bladder causing bladder infection.
  • Bacteria can enter the urinary bladder through the urethra from the nearby skin areas.
  • The body of a woman is more susceptible to bladder infections; as they have urethra of shorter lengths.

If you want to know the specific bacteria causing bladder infection, so far the most common organism responsible for cystitis is Escherichia coli (E.coli).

Natural Remedy For Urinary Bladder Infection

Uribiotic Formula from Full Health Inc. has proved to be a natural and safe remedy for bladder infection. With the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory herbs, micro and phytonutrients, it can overcome repeated, acute and chronic bladder infections. In fact, our Uribiotic Formula can help in following activities:

  • Purifying the urinary tract
  • Slowing down inflammation
  • Increasing growth of urogenital flora like Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria bifidus
  • Obliterating harmful fungi like Candida krusei and Candida albicans

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Bladder Infection: What are the Treatments?

A urine test usually shows whether you have a bladder infection or not. If you are having frequent infections or there is a persistent blood in your urine, or if an anatomical defect is suspected as the cause of your problem, then your doctor may want you to do some other clinical testing, including a Cystoscopy. Your doctor may also want you to undergo with a CT scan of the pelvis and abdomen, or may ask you for an ultrasound scan for your entire urinary tract to make sure that your kidneys are OK and out from infection.

The best treatments for bladder infection include a combination of proper medical treatment and some lifestyle changes. There is a wide variety of antibiotics available for bladder infection treatment. Most of the uncomplicated bladder infections can be treated within just three days of medication. In some cases, you may start to feel from the first day of medication, but the drugs take a week o r more to work effectively. The treatment may take longer than this period, if the urinary infections involve your kidney, which is a very serious situation. Elderly people and those who have a chronic underlying health condition like HIV or diabetes are often prescribed for a longer course of antibiotics, which may be from 15 days to 6 months.

After you finish medication period successfully, you may be asked for a follow-up urine test by a doctor to make sure that your bladder is totally free of infection. Those who have frequently recurring bladder infections may be prescribed low doses of antibiotics for an additional two to six months or longer. For women whose infections are related to sexual activity may be asked for small doses of antibiotics to take each time before they have intercourse. In some cases surgery may be needed, where the bladder infection results in a blockage or obstruction, such as an enlarged prostate or a kidney stone.

Except from all these, there is another treatment available for bladder infection, that is Uribiotic Formula. This is a 100% natural, non-antibiotic solution supplied by the Full of Health. Uribiotic Formula stops the bacterial growth inside the bladder immediately after using it. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial herb formula on Uribiotic Formula prevents bladder infection naturally without any side effects and multiple rounds medications.

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Bladder Infection: Causes and Standard Treatment

remedy_bladder_infection_logoPathogenic bacteria in the urinary tract lead to a urinary tract infection, also called bladder infection. They gain access through the urethra traveling from the rectum and/or vagina towards the urethra, then enter the bladder causing an infection. Sometimes bacteria may enter the bladder via the urethra from the nearby skin.

E.coli (Escherichia coli) is the most common bacteria responsible for bladder infections. Staph bacteria, Proteus, Klebsiella, Enterococcus, etc. also cause urinary tract infections. In some cases, UTIs can be caused by fungi such as Candida.

Bladder Infection Treatment

There are many types of antibiotics available to treat bladder infections. Uncomplicated infections can be treated within a few days with antibiotics. When a urinary infection reaches the kidneys an antibiotic treatment may take much longer.The same applies to older people and those with such conditions as HIV or diabetes. Drinking plenty of water helps flush the pathogenic bacteria out of the bladder.

After each antibiotic treatment, urine is being tested to make sure that the urinary tract is infection-free. People with recurring bladder infections, including persons with spinal cord injuries, need to take low daily doses of antibiotics on a regular basis.

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Prevent Bladder Infection with Natural Treatment Option

Remedy_Bladder_Infection(JPEG Image, 150 × 224 pixels)Thousands of people face problems while controlling their bladder. In fact, approximately ten millions of Americans are reported to have the bladder problem. Moreover, this disease includes interstitial or incontinence cystitis. In simple words, it’s a chronic inflammatory condition which can cause painful, urgent as well as frequent urination and the bladder discomfort. However, the continual draining of germs and pus from the kidneys can affect the epithelial lining of the bladder which will lead to serious health hazard.


When you will suffer from bladder infection, then you may complain of continuous burning sensation while urinating as well as a sudden urge to urinate. Most patients can feel pain in the pelvis and the lower end of the abdomen. Blood may also be seen after the urination. Other symptoms of bladder infection include chills and fevers which is precipitated by the infectious bacteria finding their ways into the blood stream.


To protect your bladder from the bacterial infection, there is the availability of numerous preventive measures which can embark you to keep the bladder disease at a distance from your body. Among all choices, consider the herbal supplement rich our proprietary Uribiotic Formula as an effective and natural remedy of your bladder infection. With the intake of Uribiotic Formula, you can successfully overcome both the acute and chronic bladder infections without getting any side effect. It’s due to the fact that our Uribiotic Formula comprises of anti-inflammatory herbs, essential nutrients, anti-bacterial and phytonutrients. Therefore, it has turned out to be an effective choice in fighting against Uropathogenic bacteria.

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