Natural Bladder Infection Treatment: Superior Alternative for the Common Female Urological Problem

Bladder infection (UTI) can be a long, painful and frustrating battle, especially for women. There are many alternative treatment options available without the need for widely prescribed drugs (antibiotics) that can only relieve the symptoms and often prompt multiple side effects.


When E. coli (Escherichia coli) bacteria sneak into the urinary track and stick to the bladder wall only to multiply, it may also attack the urethra, ureters and the kidneys resulting in severe infection. The suffers usually feel pain in the lower abdomen, frequently urinate and pass the foul-smelling urine. Therefore, the majority of women leave the doctor’s office with over 2.45 million prescribed antibiotics every year.

Although taking antibiotics can be a wise decision, even life-saving at time, it should not be made in ignorance of their natural alternatives.  It has been proven over and over again that an E. coli infection, for example, can be remedied naturally, that is without prescription drugs.


Urinary bladder infection is the second most commonly occurring infection in the human body affecting mainly women as they have a shorter urethra (in comparison to men). Due to this anatomical difference, the pathogenic bacteria can get much easier into the bladder. It is estimated that worldwide 40 to 60 percent women suffer from UTI at least once in their lifetime. These numbers, however, can be reduced significantly just by including the  natural approach.

Natural Bladder Infection Treatment is Worth a Try

Initially, a bladder infection may be ignored or, simply, underestimated. But when left untreated, it may reach the kidneys and become a serious, life-threatening problem. Though antibiotics are considered the standard medical treatment, many doctors have noticed that urinary tract infections are becoming increasingly hard to treat because of emerging resistance to current antibiotics. The problem is linked with longer duration and multiple courses of antibiotics – as long as 6 months to 2 years. Unfortunately, quite often bladder infections don’t go away even after a long-term multiple antibiotic therapy. That’s why the sufferers should think of the natural, drug-free ways of treating urinary tract infections.

Medical researchers and practitioners also have demonstrated the efficacy of  d-mannose in preventing and treating  e. coli infection supported by immune-boosting complex herbal remedies that help to strengthen and rebuild the entire urinary tract making it more resistant to further infections.

While urinary bladder infection therapy should be the first line of treatment, it can also be considered as complimentary to the conventional standard treatment. Contrary to standard medicine, urinary tract infections can be remedied and prevented naturally.

Therefore, the prescription antibiotics don’t have to be the only option available to millions of women suffering from acute and/or chronic UTIs. Along with standard medical therapy, everyone should also take under serious consideration the alternative UTI treatments to heal this common urological problem safely and without side effects.


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