Bladder Infection: What are the Treatments?

A urine test usually shows whether you have a bladder infection or not. If you are having frequent infections or there is a persistent blood in your urine, or if an anatomical defect is suspected as the cause of your problem, then your doctor may want you to do some other clinical testing, including a Cystoscopy. Your doctor may also want you to undergo with a CT scan of the pelvis and abdomen, or may ask you for an ultrasound scan for your entire urinary tract to make sure that your kidneys are OK and out from infection.

The best treatments for bladder infection include a combination of proper medical treatment and some lifestyle changes. There is a wide variety of antibiotics available for bladder infection treatment. Most of the uncomplicated bladder infections can be treated within just three days of medication. In some cases, you may start to feel from the first day of medication, but the drugs take a week o r more to work effectively. The treatment may take longer than this period, if the urinary infections involve your kidney, which is a very serious situation. Elderly people and those who have a chronic underlying health condition like HIV or diabetes are often prescribed for a longer course of antibiotics, which may be from 15 days to 6 months.

After you finish medication period successfully, you may be asked for a follow-up urine test by a doctor to make sure that your bladder is totally free of infection. Those who have frequently recurring bladder infections may be prescribed low doses of antibiotics for an additional two to six months or longer. For women whose infections are related to sexual activity may be asked for small doses of antibiotics to take each time before they have intercourse. In some cases surgery may be needed, where the bladder infection results in a blockage or obstruction, such as an enlarged prostate or a kidney stone.

Except from all these, there is another treatment available for bladder infection, that is Uribiotic Formula. This is a 100% natural, non-antibiotic solution supplied by the Full of Health. Uribiotic Formula stops the bacterial growth inside the bladder immediately after using it. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial herb formula on Uribiotic Formula prevents bladder infection naturally without any side effects and multiple rounds medications. For more information and to order Uribiotic Formula, visit
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