Top 5 Natural Treatment Options for Bladder Infection

If you feel severe pain like burning sensation in your abdomen while urinating, then you might be suffering from bladder infection. Usually bacteria developing inside the bladder or Urethra cause infections in bladder. Urethra is an essential part of body which is responsible taking out urine from your body. Bladder infection is well-known as urinary tract infections (UTI). Any individual can be infected by bladder infection; but women are more likely to get urinary tract infection than children and men. Top remedies of bladder infection comprises of various treatments and maintenance of daily life.

Increase the Amount of Water Intake

When you will get an incredible pain due to urinary tract infection; you should enhance the amount of taking drinking water. A sufficient amount of water intake results emptied the number of bacteria from your bladder as well as diluted your urine. You may know that urine is produced from the waste products and acids of your body. At the time of bladder infection, your urine will become more acidic, highly concentrated and dark colored. Hence they are much painful to pass out of your urinary tract. But diluted urine is lighter in color and it doesn’t offer any burning feeling while your urination. Also you should avoid drinking of coffee, tea or soda during UTI, as they can irritate your bladder more than before.

5487cee2999fc_originalTimely Urination

While a sudden urge comes to urinate, then you should pass out the urine instead of holding it. If you will not go the bathroom when you need to, then the amount of bacteria growth will be increased. Therefore you should urinate frequently to prevent the bladder infection. Also it’s very essential to have urination after sexual intercourse as sexual activity can drive bacteria deeper into the urethra of both genders. But urinating after having sex will effectively flush bacteria away from your bladder so that they will not get enough time to settle in your urinary tract.

Apply Heat

As the irritation and inflammation of bladder causes burning, pain across your abdominal area. Applying a heating pad can help you relax from the severe pain. You should keep the heat setting low to soothe the ache.

Perfect Dress

You might have surprised that what does wearing of perfect dresses offer remedy to your bladder infection. But it’s true. So you should wear casual, relaxed and flowy clothing to let your skin breathe as well as keep the bacteria away from your urinary tract. As moisture offers a perfect breeding ground for bacteria in the bladder; but cotton dresses can easily improve the air circulation and also reduce the chances of bacterial development in your urinary tract. You should avoid wearing of tight jeans and other snug-fitting pants as they can easily trap moisture in your delicate areas.

Take Herbal Medicines

image_uribiotic_bottle_navigation_barMoreover you will get complete relief from bladder infection by taking herbal Oregano oil as your medication. It is turned out to be an effective, natural and safe bladder infection treatment by Full of Health Inc. They offer extensive range of benefits; but they are much more beneficial medication for keeping respiration and immune system health well. Without offering any side effects Oregano oil has proved to be an herbal treatment option for urinary tract infection.


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